New Zealand's #1 and only LEAD GENERATION & GROWTH
SYSTEM for Dental Practices
For Dental Practices who are ready to HIT $60K+/month!
Scale your Revenue, Gain Freedom and Attract High-Quality Patients on Demand
Who Needs This System..

Dental Practices who are just starting out and looking for MORE NEW PATIENTS!
Dental Practices who want to increase monthly revenue and SCALE FAST!
Dentists who want to establish themselves as EXPERTS in their local area.
What Results Practice Owners Are Seeing..
 One of our clients have seen incredible results by acquiring 400+ leads (80K+ potential revenue) with a $100 Facebook Ad Campaign
 We are not only generating leads on daily basis, but also significantly increasing the brand awareness among prospective patients
In the past 15 days, there have been around 4800 people engaged with one of our client's website because of the Facebook Ads and many of them liked their facebook page too!
Most of the clients are acquiring leads for less than $2 each
An Overview of Our Services..

Lead Generation - Facebook Advertising

A powerful lead generation and growth system that helps achieve the goal of getting new patients each day to the practice and reaching more high-value patients in order to increase the daily gross production. 

Lead Generation - Google Advertising (PPC Campaigns)

A powerful lead generation and growth system that helps achieve the goal of getting new patients each day to the practice and reaching more high-value patients in order to increase the daily gross production. 

Relationship Building Campaigns

People like to do business with people they know. And in dentistry, where relationships are especially important, social media offers doctors and their teams’ unprecedented opportunities to connect with patients and prospective patients on a personal level. By using social engagement bucket and our creative ideas, we will help you to give the best experience to your patients and eventually, turn them into advocates of your practice. See the video below to know why relationship building is so important.

Free Social Engagement Bucket and Online Reviews Software

Sign up with us and take the relationship building campaign package and get the social engagement bucket and online reviews software free of cost. The Social engagement bucket helps show the human side of your practice which most of the other practices lack doing. This includes funny/humorous posters, party props kit and many other things.
The Online reviews software enables you to send text messages directly from your computer to your patients' mobile phones with the link to your Google page, making it much easier for them to leave a review. More online reviews reflect your services more accurately and help you stand out your competitors. 

Email Marketing

Increase the brand awareness in your prospective patients. Email marketing is an affordable and highly effective way to provide your potential and current patients with the valuable information they may not normally seek out on their own. It gives you more control over the conversation you would like to have with your prospect. You can send industry news, health tips, and even promotions.

Viral Video Campaigns & WeChat Marketing

Eliminate the language barrier and provide more personalized services to our Chinese friends. Our Mandarin and Cantonese speaking staff will create engaging social media content for WeChat and liaison between your practice and your potential Chinese patients.

Also, with viral video campaigns we can create an online buzz and show the caring culture to engage the audience to talk about your practice on social media. 

Account Manager

Your account manager is your main point of contact at Dentist Marketing NZ. They are experts in lead generation and advertising, and will oversee all aspects of your campaign including account management, creating and targeting ads and leading your team.


To stand out from your competitors, you will need creative that captivates and attracts the attention. Whether it is image ads, carousel or canvas ads, our designers are ready to wow your audience. 


The best advertising involves a conversation and our copywriters are skilled in the art of writing copy that will attract, connect and engage with people that are likely to be interested in your services.  


We believe that every campaign can be improved and our analysts are the ones that are looking for the clues to ensure you are getting the best results possible. They are looking through mounds of data to find ways to improve your campaigns.

Video Editor

Facebook users are consuming more videos every day, and using videos is a great way to increase engagement with your ads. Our editors are ready to help ensure we leverage your current assets and create video content that will tell your story. 
Limited Period Offer: Contact us today and get a FREE Team Photoshoot when you sign up with us! 
Book the strategy session today and get all the services at
ONLY $2297/mth
No Long Term Contracts - 30-Day Money Back Guarantee - Cancel Anytime
Select the individual ones you need...
Lead Generation - Facebook advertising
Billed Monthly
  • Campaigns, Targeting, Creatives, Budget (Planning and Setup)
  • Monthly Lead Generation Campaigns
  • Hyper Targeted Retargeting Campaigns
  • Assistance in Contest and Giveaways
Billed Monthly
  • Campaigns, Targeting, Creatives, Budget (Planning and Setup)
  • Monthly Lead Generation Campaigns
  • Hyper Targeted Retargeting Campaigns
  • Monthly Campaign Result Discussion 
Relationship building Campaigns
Billed Monthly
  • Daily Content Email and Training Videos on How To Create Practice Generated Content
  • Access To Content Library
  • Online Reviews Software (FREE)
  • Social Engagement Bucket (FREE)
  • Closing Scripts and Ebooks for Front Staff 
Billed Monthly
  • Weekly 1-2 Email Newsletters
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Help Win-back Old Patients
  • Elegantly Design
Viral Video Campaigns & WeChat Marketing
Billed Monthly
  • Replication of English Online Marketing Material on WeChat 
  • Liaison Between Practice and the Chinese Patients
  • 1 Viral Video Per Month
  • 1 Min - 2 Mins Duration (No Props Provided)
How Do I Know The Leads Are From You?
As soon as the patient opt-in for your offer, we both will receive an email in real time with customer's contact details. 
Will You Go To My Competitor Next Door?
ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! You have full exclusivity to your area (5 Miles). So you'll be the only one reaping the benefits!
How Soon I Can See Positive Results?
First few weeks is preparation and launching first test ads. At this stage we discover what variables we need to test to come up with winning targeting and creatives. During the first month we perform a few marketing tests and start realizing which advertising strategy we need to focus on specifically for your project. You may see your first positive results at this stage. 
Is Ad Spend Included?
Our management fee is separate from ad spend. 
What is 30-Day Money Back Guarantee?
At any point you feel like our services are not for you. You can cancel your services with a two weeks notice and eligible to claim full refund of the management fee (lead generation campaign) for the specific month.
How Often We Will Meet For Disccusion?
Usually meeting happens once a month to discuss the past campaign results and future strategies. 
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